Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Die is Cast

Forgive my Julius Caesar reference, but I've found myself reading Rosemary Sutcliff these last few days, The Lantern Bearers, which is the third in a loosely connected series of novels about Roman Britain. Even though they all take place long after Caesar's murder, he was still the first Roman general to set foot in Britain, so the quote isn't a huge stretch. Anyway, Rosemary Sutcliff is fantastic; her novels are geared toward young adults but they're not childish, and anyone can enjoy them. She's pretty much my ideal for historical fiction at this point: accurate but streamlined and accessible to anyone.

So, the die is cast, and I'm crossing my own version of the Rubicon. I've decided to forgo the search for a publisher for Ghost of Iga and go it on my own. And I have to say that I feel good about the decision. As I've said before, I love doing my own thing, my way. The book's in the design and editing phase now and I look for it to be out before the year's end. It's a lot of work, but I think it will be worth it.

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  1. Mr. Doggett,
    I applaud your decision to forgo the search for a publisher for Ghost of Iga. Many true, pure and worthy works never see the light of day because the artist has pigeon holed themselves into a narrow mindset that a “real” book has to be published or presented by some corporate entity. To have the works’ existence validated only if it can make it through a rigorous bureaucratic process. I say, “Let the work stand on its on merits and let both the hater, the lover, and the indifferent fall in behind!” . The works’ existence validated because it is.