Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Lost? Year

I sit here behind the glass and the stars roll up to meet me, and I once again feel the need to cast my voice out into the void. Fourteen months, travelling the universe on spaceship Earth; has it really been so long? A year gone by, a year of writing lost, but hardly a lost year.  Truthfully, it wasn't my year at all, except from the sidelines. In 2013 my son turned six, learned to swim, to ride a bike, throw and catch a baseball like you wouldn't believe, and fought and won against a nasty case of appendicitis that led to a permanent eviction of the offending organ. It won't be missed. For me it was a year of surfing, working, and reading (always reading), and very little fretting over the ideas sleeping restlessly in my head. Who knows but that 2014 may be another "lost" year, but the fact that I'm back on this blog argues against it. Until next time...

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